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Try Grilling with All of Our Delicious Flavors of Wood Chips & Natural Lump Charcoal

When you cook with a kamado grill, you have to have the best natural charcoal and wood chips you can get. Not only does the quality of your charcoal enhance the flavor of your cuisine, it protects the ceramic from harmful chemicals found in standard charcoal. Regular briquettes will ruin your kamado cooker, so only use natural charcoal, like Nature's Mesquite or Barbecue Wood Flavors' 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal. For smoking, try one of our five wood flavors, or spice it up with Tabasco, Jack Daniel's, or Budweiser!

Nature's Mesquite - Natural Lump Charcoal Hardwood Natural Lump Charcoal Tabasco Wood Chips Budweiser Wood Chips Jack Daniels Wood Chips Alder Wood Chips Apple Wood Chips Cherry Wood Chips Hardwood Wood Chips Mesquite Wood Chips A.W. Perkins Co. Fire Starters

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