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Make the most out of your saffire chargrilling experience

Your ceramic chargriller can sear, smoke, bake, and more. To get the maximum performance out of your kamado grill, try these great add-ons! Double your cooking surface with the cooking grid elevator, turn your grill into a brick oven with the pizza stone, or get the newly re-designed smoking chip feeder to easily slide your favorite wood chips onto the hot coals with no mess or burning! To protect your kamado grill and grill cart from the elements, a heavy-duty cover is essential. Find all this and more at Creative-waterworks!

Saffire Grill Cover Saffire Grill Heat Deflector - Smoking Position> Saffire Grill Secondary Cooking Grid Saffire Grill Cooking Grid Elevator Saffire Grill Smokin' Chip Feeder Saffire Grill Pizza Stone Saffire Grill Heat Deflector Saffire Grill Heat Deflector - Smoking PositionSaffire Grill Ash Cleaning Tool

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